Revolutionary Technology: Co-Flow Jet Wing to Achieve Ultra-high Lift, Ultra-high Efficiency, Quiet, and Flapless Aircraft

Mission: The Center is to transform the technology of electric aircraft, a zero direct emission pollution technology representing the next wave of aviation vehicles, by developing key enabling technologies to drastically increase the otherwise highly limited range and payload of electric aircraft due to low energy density of batteries. The Center will integrate basic research with application guidance from industry& to transfer the cutting edge technology and train the future electric aircraft engineering workforce.

Products: The first product we are developing is a 4-passenger compact general aviation (GA) electric aircraft with a range of 360 miles. The aircraft is based on the current battery power density of 230wh/kg. It has a size similar to the conventional GA aircraft, but the range is at least twice more than that of the state of the art same size electric aircraft attributed to the ultra-high efficiency and lift of the CFJ wing. With the battery power density being improved, the range of the CFJ electric aircraft will be increased scalably. The next product being developed is a transonic small regional jet with full electric propulsion. Both products are unprecedented and have enormous market worldwide. The CFJ wing technology is also ideal for all types of unmanned aerial vehicles, high altitude long endurance vehicles, transonic aircraft requiring extremely short takeoff/landing distance.

Collaboration: We welcome all types of collaboration, in particular investment from industry and government agencies, to advance the superior coflow jet wing technology and revolutionize aviation industry. Interested collaborators are welcomed to Contact us

A quick introduction of Coflow Jet Airfoil and the transformative aircraft.